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We will provide the essentials for your UK canal boat holiday. There's no need to worry about bedding, cooking utensils. These are all stowed safely aboard your canal boat before you arrive. Obviously you will want to pack a few clothes, but in addition browse through the checklist below and see if any of the following will enhance your canal boat holiday.

Tea Bags, Coffee, Milk and breakfast!

You'll find plenty of shops close to the canal (ask the staff at our marinas / the locals you'll meet along the way), but you're bound to want a cuppa in the morning, even if you eat at the canal side pubs for dinner.


Whatever season you go in, be prepared for a change in the weather! UK boating holidays are full of surprises - hopefully you'll have great weather but waterproofs will stop a smatter of rain from dampening your mood.

Sun Cream

Sun cream? In England? When the sun's shining you'll find yourself outdoors for most of the day. With summer temperatures getting up to 38 degrees C, sun tan lotion is an essential! In addition, sunlight reflects off the water in the canal, so you may find that you tan even faster on a boating holiday.


A must on any holiday - it's obvious, but forget it and you'll be kicking yourself. The canals are beautiful and it would be a pity to waste the opportunity for some great photography.

Books / DVD's / playing cards

On a UK boating holiday you'll have plenty of time to relax. Forget the bustle of everyday life and kick back with that novel you've been meaning to read. Each boat comes equipped with a DVD player.

Bikes / fishing rods / portable barbeque

If there's an activity that you want to do, bring the equipment! We can easily secure bikes to the roof of the canal boat so that you can moor up and explore the surrounding scenery on two wheels whenever it takes your fancy.


Cruise down the canal to your own soundtrack. Whether you listen to Classical on the Coventry Canal or Grunge on the Grand Union, music lovers will want their favourite CDs on board.

Guitar / notepad / canvas

The peaceful and picturesque canals tend to bring out the creative side! Paint the views, write a poem or compose a masterpiece.

Trainers and walking boots

Walking boots are best for taking a woodland walk, and trainers or deck shoes to ensure you keep your balance on the gunwhales (see the glossary) - leave your stilettos at home!


Do you need any justification? You're on holiday!

If you have any tips for items to take with you on a canal boat holiday, why not email us and let us know. We would be delighted to add your ideas to this page.



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