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You can do this route from :
Anderton Marina.

Anderton Marina



Rural cruise through the lovely Cheshire countryside to Timperley and catch a 15 minute tram ride into Manchester city centre where there is a wealth of culture, restaurants and cafe's.

Cruise through tunnels and pretty villages, with only one lock each way the route is ideal for novices, and for those wanting a large city to explore.

Route Info

Route Facts & Figures

Recommended Holiday
Duration : 3 nights.

Total Cruising Days : 4.00
(Partial or full days)

Total Cruising Time : 16.45 hours

Total Distance : 48.00 miles

Number of Locks : 2

Number of Tunnels : 6

Number of Aqueducts : 0

Read the Cruising Notes

Read our cruising notes to help you plan your canal boat holiday

Read our cruising notes.


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Download our cruising notes.





Cruising Notes

Day 1

You should have time to cruise for a couple of hours before mooring at Dutton Hall Winding Hole for the night.

Leaving Anderton, you will be heading towards Barnton Tunnel, which emerges onto a hillside overlooking the River Weaver, with a fantastic view down to Saltersford Locks. Do make sure before you enter the tunnel, that there are no boats coming from the other side, as it is only wide enough for one boat at a time.

At the east end of the tunnel, you will see some handy shops, so maybe a good time to stock up, if you have not already done so.

Moving on, you will now enter Saltersford Tunnel, (see Navigational Notes above for details of entry times). Again, two boats cannot pass in this tunnel, so do take care when entering and leaving it. Once through the tunnel, you will again be in open countryside and not far from your mooring for the night which is by bridge 209.

Not too far from the mooring about 1/4 mile to the north of Bridge 209, so take the road to your right by the bridge, you might like to have a meal in The Holly Bush Inn, Little Leigh, Northwich. Food is served at lunchtimes and evenings, along with traditional ales. There is a large beer garden with children's play area, so the whole family can relax before settling down for the night, ready for tomorrow's journey.

You should now have travelled about 4 miles in 2 hours.

Day 2

Today you will head towards Timperley Bridge No. 33, where you will need to turn around for the return journey.

When you leave your moorings, you will soon enter some woodlands, just prior to Preston Brook Tunnel which is 1239 yards long. From the North end of the tunnel, you will see a sign announcing that from here onwards, you are now on the Bridgewater Canal.

You will notice that the canal now splits into two, where you will need to bear right. If you have the time, and want to visit Runcorn, then bear left for the 1½ hour cruise to the end of the canal, otherwise, keep left and make for Stockton Heath, a suburb of Warrington.

Runcorn (if you chose this route), has a really impressive road bridge, called the 'Silver Jubilee Bridge'. It links Runcorn to Widnes and is around 1,082 feet long, and it really is worth taking the detour to Runcorn just to see it.

Back towards Preston Brook Marina, bear left on a rural stretch until you reach Higher Walton, which is a pretty estate village, with local shops and amenities. A nice place to stop for lunch is the Walton Arms in Higher Walton. Children are welcome here, but only if they are dining with adults.

If you have time, you might like to visit Walton Hall in Higher Walton. This beautiful house and its gardens makes a nice day out for all the family, with play area's for the children.

And moving on, towards Stockton Heath, it becomes more urban and is a popular area for walkers and fishermen. Stockton Heath is North of London Road Bridge No. 15, and is a suburb of Warrington. This side of the canal is quite built-up, but on the South side, it is still very much unspoilt and open.

Next, you will pass by Grappenhall and Thelwall, where there is a pub called The Penny Ferry Inn. You can get a drink and maybe a snack here whilst waiting for the Penny Ferry to transport you across the Manchester Ship Canal, for a minimal fee.

Once back on your boat, you will cruise towards Lymm.

Lymm is a pretty little town with the streets tumbling down to the canal side. If you want to stop here and have a look around, there are 24 hour moorings, which is handy for the fish and chip shop! In the town centre is Lymm Cross, built in C17th, and the centre-point of the town.

You will now pass through some small villages – Oughtrington, Bollington and Dunham, to name but a few. The Swan With Two Nicks is a nice pub in Little Bollington, near the canal, and not far from Dunham Massey Country Park.

As you leave here, you will notice it becoming more built-up as you approach Sale. You will need to moor at Timperley Bridge No. 33, where you will turn ready for the journey back to Anderton.

From Timperley, you can get the Metrolink tram into Manchester, where there is a wealth of culture, restaurants and cafe's. On the canal side, you will find The Waterside Arts Centre and The Robert Bolt Theatre. In the Waterside Plaza, you might like to eat in The Waterside, a modern bar serving food all day, with a patio area overlooking the canal. They have a strict dress code, so do check first.

You might also like to take the tram as far as Stretford, if you have time.

You have cruised 22 miles, and navigated 1 lock, in just under 7½ hours.

Day 3
Day 4
Today you make your return journey to Anderton Marina.

All the above stops and locations are suggestions only and you are free to moor elsewhere if it is safe to do so.

Have a great holiday!


NB: This route has been provided as a guide only. Information may become inaccurate or out of date. You should always check with the marina that the route is possible within your time frame, current weather conditions and canal stoppages etc.


The following boats operate on this route (subject to availability)

Bar Tailed Lark (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Black Necked Swan (Sleeps a maximum of 12 People).

Booted Eagle (Sleeps a maximum of 7 People).

Chestnut Thrush (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Dusky Thrush (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Glaucous Gull (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Great Blue Heron (Sleeps a maximum of 5 People).

Laughing Gull (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Little Owl (Sleeps a maximum of 10 People).

Pacific Wren (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Reed Bunting (Sleeps a maximum of 5 People).

River Warbler (Sleeps a maximum of 8 People).

Spectacled Weaver (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Bishtons Cakewalk (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Laal Ratty (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Lady Blue Sky (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Lady of Trent (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Mellors Crazy Shake (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Real Ale (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Soo 95 (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Spirit of Debdale (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Wallis Ali Baba (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Savoy Hill V (Sleeps a maximum of 7 People).

Mealy Amazon (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Meyers Parrot (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Sun Conure (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Mealy Amazon (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Meyers Parrot (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Sun Conure (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

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