Canal Boat Sizes

Canal Boats come in all sizes but the maximum number of berths cannot be exceeded, so for example a 12 berth boat can sleep and hold only 12 people including babies and children.

We have 2 berth boats ideal for a couple , with one cabin and shower and toilet , and 4 berth boats that also have one cabin but have a double dinette in the saloon, so ideal for small families and 2 couples.

The 6 and 7 berths have 2 cabins with one or two bathrooms and are ideal for 2 or 3 couples or a family and the saloon also converts to a dinette double. Some 6 berths have all singles .

The 8 and 10 berths have 2-3 cabins with one or 2 bathrooms and the dinette double in the saloon, some 10 berths have 2 saloons and some 8 and 10 berth boats have all single berths.

The 12 berths have 2 cabins with bunks and 2 double/twin dinettes and 2 bathrooms, ideal for a family or group or single sex group.

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