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Arriving at Gayton Marina
Arrival Time

What time do we need to arrive at the Marina?

Click on 'BOOK NOW', or see your Booking Confirmation for your check in time.

On arrival, go to the Marina Reception where there will be some paperwork to complete, then you will be taken to your boat to store your possessions and provisions. You will be given your Training and shown the safety checks you will need to make.

Training can normally only be given on the day, at the stated arrival time. If for any reason you are unable to make it at the given time, please contact the Marina staff directly. Their contact details will be given to you with your Booking confirmation.

The latest you can arrive is 4pm on the day or arrival, only 2 crew per boat need to take the training the rest of the crew can arrive later
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A bathroom on a canal boat
Bathroom Facilities

What facilities are available in the bathrooms?

There are a shower, sink and toilet on a 4 or 5 berth and 2 bathrooms on some 6, 7 and 8 berths. Some other 6 and 8 berths have 1 shower and 2 toilets. The toilets have modern fresh water flushes and the sinks and showers have hot and cold running water.

You do not have to empty out the toilet tank if staying for up to 14 days as the tank has capacity.

You will have to fill up with fresh water every other day if having lots of showers, but the water points are clearly marked on the maps, they are situated at the side of the canal and the water is free.
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A double bed in its day configuration
Beds and Bed Linen

Are towels and bed linen included?

Linen is provided free of charge for each crew member except on QEF Jubilee from Winkwell Dock where guests bring their own linen and towels. Towels are also provided on nearly all fleets, except for Stratford-upon-Avon and Coventry Marina's, where they are provided for overseas visitors only and Winkwell Dock.

Our narrowboats come with various layouts, which can sometimes be changed to suit your requirements. For information on this, see all the possible layouts for your boat choice when you get to the Booking Form. Alternatively, look under the Boat Information on the website. You can choose to have a twin or a double cabin, and the marina staff adjust the beds for each guest. The boat is the same, but the beds are adjustable. You will have to give advance notice of which layout you would like.

Doubles are generally 4 foot wide but some may have an extra zip enabling an extension of the mattress, so please ask when booking.

Beds are approximately 6 foot 2 inches lon
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Double bed on a six berth canal boat

What does 'berth' mean?

Berths are the maximum number of people that the boat can accommodate, including babies.

Some boats have optional bunks, which can be requested when you book. These beds are operated by the boatyard, who will either lock it away or set it up for use if you have requested them.

An optional bunk cannot be set up above a double bed, only above a single where available in certain boats.
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Biking on the Kennet and Avon Canal

Can we bring our bikes onto the boat?

You can bring a couple of bikes on most of the boats, however, there are some exceptions due to low bridges etc. Please see the booking form for more details. Where bikes can be taken, they can be stored on the roof of the narrow boat. Please bring some old carpet or a thick blanket to protect the boat's paintwork. Also useful are some straps and a bike lock or padlock.

You do need to be very careful when cycling on the towpath, and give consideration to walkers, fishermen and the wild life, such as nesting birds, who use the canal towpath.

You cannot place the bikes inside the boat and any damage to the boat caused by carrying bikes will be your responsibility.
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Booking your canal boat holiday on UK Canal Boating
Booking a Canal Boat Holiday

How do I book a canal boat holiday?

Choose your preferred date, location and boat on the website, then click on 'BOOK NOW'. Complete the online booking form and pay the deposit, or full amount if it is within 8 weeks.

If you require assistance, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or by email. Our contact details are on the website.

Find your holiday here:
Bridges and Tunnels
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A bridge on the Kennet and Avon Canal
Bridges, Tunnels, Lift Bridges and Aqueducts

What happens at a tunnel or bridge?

Boats cruising downstream on a river have the right of way. On canals, if you are approaching a bridge and can see a boat coming in the opposite direction that will reach the bridge before you, slow down and give way to them.

As you enter a tunnel, switch on your headlight and give one long blast on your horn. Keep your speed moderate and stay clear of any boat in front.

When you approach a swingbridge, let you crew off exactly the same as if approaching a lock. The instructions for operating it are usually on the bridge. Some road bridges have instructions on how to stop the traffic before operating the bridge; some swing bridges are automatic and instructions on operation will be shown by the bridge.

At aqueducts you may have to queue and wait your turn.
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The Worcester & Birmingham Canal

What are canals?

Canals were originally constructed (man-made) to meet the transportation needs of a newly industrialised country.

The traditional form of transport on the canals was the narrowboat. These boats were long, narrow and flat bottomed. Today, due to an extensive restoration programme, the canals offer a whole new perspective in the leisure industry.

They are now enjoyed by walkers, fisherman, cyclists and of course the narrow boaters. Holidays on the canals are becoming more and more popular, and narrowboats are now designed to give the utmost in comfort and provide for your every need.

More information on individual canals can be found here:
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Canoeing on the canal
Canoeing on the Canal

Can I bring a canoe to use on the canal?

We do not recommend bringing canoes as they may catch on overhanging trees or low bridges, and cause an accident. If you still wish to bring one, please bring some old carpet or matting to protect the paintwork on the roof of the boat. Any damage to the boat or canoe will be your responsibility, and may incur costs.

You will need to buy a license from the Canals & Rivers Trust (see link below for more information).

Canoes cannot be taken on boats from Goytre Marina because of the low bridges, also on boats from Stone in Staffs, please check with us before booking.
Car Parking
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Parking at Worcester Marina
Car Parking at the Marina

Is there parking at the Marina?

Car parking is free of charge at MOST of the Marina's.

The exception is Caversham Marina where car parking is charged at £6 per car per day and is bookable in advance when you book your Canalboat holiday .

They are open air car parks and cars are left at the owner's risk.
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A folding chair

Can we use deckchairs on the boat?

It's a good idea to bring a couple of small foldable chairs if you are on a cruiser stern boat.

There may be room for 1 or 2 people to use them at the back of the boat, and when you moor up there may be a picnic area or space to sit.
Check In
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Alvechurch Marina in Worcestershire
Checking In

What time can I check in?

See 'Arrivals'.
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A crew being trained before departure

What is the criteria for crew on the canal boats?

No person under 18 can operate the boat unless someone over 21 is at their side.

Drink-drive rules apply to a cruising boat the same as for driving cars, so for safety reasons it is best to only have a drink when you are safely moored!

The minimum requirement for hiring most boats is two able-bodied adults (over 18) but check the booking form as ages may vary with different marinas.
We can accept single experienced guests on the boat Jelley Baby out of Chester in Cheshire
Cruiser Stern
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A cruiser stern canal boat
Cruiser Stern Boat

What is a cruiser stern?

A cruiser stern boat allows the crew to congregate on deck at the back of the boat, by the tiller. The deck is larger on these style of boats than with other types of sterns.

More details can be found here:
Damage Waiver
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Damage Waiver
Damage Waiver

What is Damage Waiver?

The booking form will indicate if this is included in the price, or added on as an extra charge. It will be either Optional or Compulsory, so do check carefully.

If you click on the 'i' for information beside the charge on the Booking Form, this will detail what is covered by the Damage Waiver.
Day Hire
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Day boat hire
Day Boat Hire

Do you provide day boat hire?

We do not provide day boat hire as our hire boats are fitted out for accommodation.

Our minimum short break is for 3 nights, however you can bring the boat back early if you wish, although the price will remain the same.

click this following link for more information.
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Departure Time

What time do I need to return the boat?

Uusally you need to be back at the Marina by 9.00am and leave the boat no later than 9.30am - the Marina's are very strict about this, and late returns may incur a fee. Some boats may have later return times, the Check in and check out times are indicated on the booking form and must be adhered to.

You can bring the boat back earlier if you wish, eg the night before, just let the Marina know of your intentions on Arrival .

Ensure that you take all of your possessions, and dispose of any refuse in the bins provided at the Marina.
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Alvechurch Marina

How far can I go during my holiday?

When calculating how far you may be able to travel, please remember that the maximum cruising speed is 3 to 4mph and locks take approximately 15-20 minutes each to navigate.

You can only cruise between sunrise and sunset which, of course, will vary depending on the time of year. The Canals & Rivers Trust work very hard to prevent delays or closures, but these sometimes happen due to emergency repairs or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Read our long distance article:
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240v mains socket

Is there electricity on the boat?

Many of the canal boat have 240v (UK Mains) sockets which accept 3 pin plugs.

Electricity is produced by the engine, by storing it in batteries. An inverter then converts the 12v to 240v electricity.

You will be able to charge your mobile phones and cameras, and the kids will be able to charge their games consoles. If you are bringing your own electrical items, please check with the marina that such items can be used. It is at your own risk if you use your own electrical items.

As the power is stored in batteries you can use mains electric even when the engine is switched off, but when running the Microwave or Vacuum cleaner it is advisable to have the engine running.

You need to have the engine running for about 4 hours per day to have enough electric power.

If you use a sleep apnoea machine, please be aware that power through the night cannot be guaranteed, as batteries may fail, or you may not have run the engine sufficiently to charge up the batteries.
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Digital TV

What entertainment is provided on the boat?

Each narrow boat is equipped with a TV/ DVD and stereo system with radio and CD player.
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No experience needed, as training is provided

Do I need experience to hire a boat?

You do not need any previous experience prior to your first canal boat holiday.

You and your crew will be given training when you arrive at the Marina. There must be a minimum of two able-bodied adults present for the training. Training takes around 60-90 minutes, and you will also be shown the necessary safety checks.

The boats are very simple to steer, and even children can do it, with adult supervision of course.

The boats only go 3 - 4 m.p.h and have only forward and reverse gears.

To give you some idea of what to expect, there are canalboat training videos available on this website. Click here to watch:
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Are there any hidden extras?

There are no hidden extras. Gas and fuel, or Fuel Deposits, are included in the price you pay. The Booking form clearly lists ALL charges, whether optional or compulsory. Where the price includes a Fuel Deposit, the information on how this works is on the Booking Form. This can be found when click on the 'i', for information beside the charge.

We provide you with a British Waterways WaterMate key on arrival so that you can use the free water points.

You can moor up wherever you want as long as you are safe, not causing an obstruction or on private land. If you do choose to stay at another marina for a night, mooring charges will apply.

Some Rivers such as the Rivers Avon and Thames, require an additional license. Some boats leaving from Aldermaston Marina will already have the Thames Licence, but not all, so please ask for information.
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Fishing on the canal

Can I fish on the canal?

Fishing is allowed on the canals at any time of year, but a Rod Licence is required. You can purchase a 1 day, 8 day, or annual licence from the Post Office, or online at the Environment Agency website:

Be aware of any notices, as some stretches of the canal are leased for private fishing.

Do no fish near to other canal users or under overhead wires.

Check out our fishing article:
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What fuel does the boat use?

The canal boats are powered by a diesel engine.

Some holidays include all the fuel, while others include a Fuel Deposit, meaning that you pay for the fuel that you use. At the end of your holiday the usage is calculated and the balance either paid by you, or refunded to you from what you have already paid.

See the Booking form for full details of which applies to your holiday.

There will be enough fuel for a 14 day holiday, with 'normal ' cruising days. If you plan to cruise for longer than this, ask about re-fuelling procedures at the start of your holiday.
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Is there gas on the boat?

The gas for cooking and heating is included in your holiday cost.

The gas bottles are stored in compartments on the front of the boat.
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Environmentally friendly

Are the boats environmentally friendly?

Narrowboat holidays offer you an environmentally friendly alternative to long car journeys or flying.

You can have a great holiday, which literally won't 'cost' the earth!

Check out our green canal boat holidays article:
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Central heating onboard

What kind of heating is on the boat?

The canal boats are equipped with radiators, which are fitted throughout the boat, and are run by diesel or gas.

The boats are insulated, and cosy no matter what the weather.

Don't run the heating with the doors open or when you aren't in the boat.

It doesn't take long to heat up.
Hire Period
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Hire a boat from 3 to 21 nights
Length of Hire

How long can I hire a boat for?

The minimum hire is for 3 nights, and the maximum hire is for 21 nights.

Hire is subject to availability, and hire if the canal boats is available throughout the year.

Find your canal boat holiday here :-
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Is insurance included?

The boat and its contents are covered by the Damage Waiver.

Your personal possessions, car and its contents are NOT covered by the Damage Waiver. It is your own responsibility to provide your own personal/travel insurance, should you so wish.
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Canal junctions
What to do at Junctions

How will I know which way to go at a junction?

You will encounter junctions on the canal system, which are where two canals meet.

Don't worry about taking the wrong route, as they are clearly signposted at each junction.

They will also be indicated on your maps or guides.
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Kids on a canal boat holiday
Kids on Canal Boats

Will children enjoy a canal boat holiday?

A narrow boat holiday is a wonderful way for families to enjoy together.

Kids love helping at the locks, and can under adult supervision, even have a go at steering the boat. 

You will be in a different place every day, seeing different things, so you'll be unlikely to hear 'I'm bored!'.

There are plenty of family orientated attractions to visit en route, with plenty to keep the children of any age occupied.

Plus, all the lovely fresh air will certainly make them sleep well!

Read the article on children here:
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A kitchen on a canal boat

Is the kitchen fully equipped?

The kitchen, or 'galley' on the canal boats are fully equipped and fitted with a gas oven and hob, under-counter fridge with small ice box, and a microwave on some boats.

There are all the utensils, crockery and glasses on board to enable you to cook everything from a boiled egg to a four course meal.

Check out the facilities on each boat under the description of the boat.
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No licence is required to operate the boat

Will I need some kind of licence to drive the boat?

You do not need any kind of licence as each canal boat is licensed by us, with the Canals & Rivers Trust.

Cruising on the canals is free, however, there are a few waterways and Rivers such as the Rivers Avon and Thames where an additional licence will be required.

Our staff will inform you if you need to purchase one of these for your chosen route. You can get them, if required, from the lock-keeper as you enter the River.

Life Jackets
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Life jackets provided upon request
Life Jackets

Are life jackets supplied?

Life jackets are provided free for children and non-swimmers, and are also available for other crew members if needed or if requested.

Dog life jackets can be obtained online by clicking on the link below:
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Lots of locations to choose from
Locations of the Marina's

Where are the marina's located?

We have a choice of 32 marina locations which will enable you to explore the many canal routes throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

View our locations here :-

View a map of our locations :-
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Locks on a canal
Operating Locks

How do I operate locks and are they easy to use?

Locks are very easy to operate and something the whole crew will be able to help with.

You will all be given full training on how to operate a lock before you leave the marina, and you can also look at some of the videos on this site before you start your holiday.

View the lock articles here :-

View the videos here :-
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Soft luggage, ideal for a canal boat holiday

What is the best kind of luggage to bring on a boating holiday?

We recommend you bring soft/canvas luggage. This is because storage space is minimal and hard suitcases would take up alot of room

Where this is not possible, we would suggest leaving the empty luggage in your car.

Overseas guests should enquire directly with the marina if it is possible to store their suitcases anywhere.
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Buy Maps and Guides online
Maps and Guides

Where can I get maps and guides?

You can, if you wish, buy these online via our Amazon bookshop.

They can be found at:
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Moored on the canal

Where can I moor the boat?

You can moor free of charge, anywhere on the tow-path side of the canal, providing you are safe, not on private property, and not causing an obstruction.

Designated mooring places are clearly marked, and if there are restrictions there will be a notice informing you of what they are.

Mooring pegs or pins are provided for you when there are no mooring points.

Read our how to moor article here:
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A Narrow Boat

What is a 'narrowboat'?

Canal boats come in many different sizes, from 42 feet to 70 feet long, and sleeping 2 to 12 people (berths). They have several different layouts, for example, one to three cabins, one or two bathrooms, and all have a dinette conversion into a sofa bed in the saloon.

You can choose your preferred configuration when booking.

View the canal boats here :-
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Canal Boating Offers from UK Canal Boating

Where can I find special offers?

You will always find special offers on our website.

Follow the link:
One way Trips
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Can I do a one way trip on the Boat

Can I do a one way trip and not have to bring the boat back to where I started ?

For most of our Canalboat holidays you have to bring the boat back to the starting point marina.

We occasionally offer one way trips when we have to move boats from one marina to the other, usually when its the start or end of the season, or when they have been newly built and they have to be moved to their destination. These boats will be on our OFFERS page
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Packing for a Canal Boat Holiday
Packing for a Canal Boat Holiday

What sort of things do I need to bring?

The boats are well equipped so you do not need to bring too much with you.

Specific items you may want to bring, to help you get the most out of you holiday, are a torch, camera, binoculars, DVDs and CDs. A good waterways guide, which you can purchase before hand would be useful for planning your journey. (see link below)

Food for the first day and tea, coffee sugar and milk.

Come prepared for any kind of weather. Waterproofs and sunblock, warm clothes, and non-slip soft deck shoes. Protective gloves are really useful when working the locks.
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Pay online

How and when do I pay for my holiday?

If your booking is more than 8 weeks away, a 25% deposit will secure the reservation.

The balance will be payable 8 weeks before the start of your holiday.

You will be emailed a link 2 weeks before the balance is due, in order to pay the balance online. Alternatively, you can call us and we can take the payment for you.

We accept credit and debit cards, and payment can made securely on line.
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Pets accepted on many of the boats

Can I bring my pet on a canal boat holiday?

Most of the boats are dog friendly, so you are welcome to bring them, up to a maximum of three.

Look for the logo :
Pet Friendly canal boats
to see if the boat is pet friendly.

A charge may be payable for your pet(s). Please see the booking form for more details.

Read our pet article here :-
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24hr Emergency callout

What do I do if a problem arises?

In the unlikely event that you have a problem, there is a 24 hour emergency call-out number.

All the information you will need is in the on-board folder.
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The Two Boats Inn

Will there be pubs along the route?

There are many pubs, cafés and restaurants en route.

Some pubs have their own moorings directly outside, and some are a short walk away.

Many offer a wide range of good food and real ales. The majority welcome canal boat users and their families, but do check beforehand if you have children or a dog, as some do not allow them.

Many of our routes have pub guides on them. Check out the routes link :-
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You won't find many queues on the canals

Will there ever be a queue on the canal?

The waterways are large enough for everyone to enjoy, but occasionally you may have to queue for a to go through a lock, at a water point, or an aqueduct.
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Refuse facilities available at various points along the canal

What do I do with any refuse?

Refuse facilities are usually available at various points along the canal.

When you return to the marina on the last day of your holiday, you will be able to dispose of your refuse in the on- site refuse containers, or recycling facilities, if available.
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Loads of canal holiday routes to choose from

Where can I go on the canal?

You can travel anywhere on the canal system that is navigable and that will suit your requirements.

You don't have to follow our routes, and you are free to follow your own itinerary, and stop where you'd like to.

If you need help to plan your route, you can use our suggested cruising routes.
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Canal Safety

Will I be shown how to do safety checks?

Full instructions on how to handle the boat, how to do daily checks, and how to keep safe, will be given at the handover.

Your safety is important too, and you don't need to leave until you are ready to. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and if you do forget something, there is an instruction manual and safety DVD on board each canal boat.

Sensible outdoor clothes are recommended, as are non-slip shoes, which should be worn whilst on deck and operating the locks.

Buoyancy aids are provided free of charge if required, and there is a life belt and basic first aid kit on the boat.
Semi-Traditional Stern
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Semi Traditional Canal Boat
Semi-Traditional Stern

What is a 'semi-traditional stern'?

A semi-traditional stern is a cross between a cruiser stern and a traditional stern.

The design has a more sheltered area for the passengers. The passengers can sit at the top of the stairs leading from the boat, with lockers to sit on, and side walls giving them protection from the wind

More details can be found here:
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Will there be opportunities for shopping?

One of the advantages of a canal boat holiday, is to be able to stop off exactly where you want to.

You will find a multitude of different shopping opportunities en route, ranging from large supermarkets to small farm shops selling fresh local produce, to shopping malls and local potteries.
Short Breaks or Longer
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Short breaks and longer
Short Breaks or Longer

What are the minimum and maximum lengths of time I can hire a boat for?

The minimum hire period is for 3 nights, with the maximum at 21 nights, subject to availability.

Check availability here :-
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Speeding in a canal boat

What is the speed limit on the canals?

The maximum speed limit on the canals is 4 mph, however, you will find that the average speed is closer to 3 mph.

You MUST slow down when passing other boats, whether they are moored or moving, when passing anglers, or when cruising through tunnels.

If the wash from your boat creates a wave, you are going too fast.
Try to stay near to the middle channel, which is generally the deepest.

You must not cruise after dark as the boat is not insured for this.
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Swimming in the canal

Can I swim in the canal?

Swimming is not generally recommended in the canals.
Terms and Conditions
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Terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions

What are the Terms and Conditions of Hire?

Terms and Conditions for individual boats can be found on the booking form online.
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Flush toilet(s) on board

Do I have to empty out the toilets

You do not have to empty out the toilet tank if staying for up to 14 days as the tank has capacity.

If staying for over 14 days and the toilet tanks are full you can stop at any marina at arrange for a 'pump out' at your own cost, around £15.

You will have to fill up with fresh water every other day if having lots of showers, but the water points are clearly marked on the maps, they are situated at the side of the canal and the water is free.
Travel Cots
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A travel cot on a  canal boat
Travel Cots

Can I bring a travel cot?

Travel cots can be accommodated on the following ABC boats:

Swan, Owl, Woodpecker, Dove, Swallow

The travel cot should ideally be no more than 77cm wide by 109cm long. It can be accommodated in the dining area, provided the table is not fixed in position.

This room cannot be used as a double/twin sofa bed as well, so the maximum occupancy of the boat will be reduced by 2 if you're using a travel cot.

Some of the ABC boats can have cot sides on the standard single berths for young children of 5 years or over. Ask about this when booking.
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Canal Boat Tuition

Will I be given tuition?

You do not need any previous experience as you will be given all the training you need when you arrive at the marina.

Follow the link for more information:

You may also like :
Turning Around
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Turning a canal boat around
Turning Around

How do I turn the boat around?

There are turning points along the canal, called winding holes. These are at frequent intervals and are marked on your maps and guides.

Also, look on our videos for more information:
TV, DVD, etc
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Television on board a canal boat
TV, DVD, etc

Is there a TV and DVD player on the boat?

There is a colour TV with DVD player; radio/CD player; hairdryer (on some boats); vacuum cleaner and security box on some boats.

TV reception is not always good on canalboats because the aerial is generally not high enough, so you might need to re-tune as you cruise to different areas.

It may be an idea to bring some of your own DVD's if you plan on staying on board in the evenings.
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Canal Boats come in various designs and lengths

What are the sizes of the units?

The canal boats vary enormously, from 42 feet to 70 feet long, with saloons at the front (bow), middle, or back (stern), and with one to three cabins, one or two bathrooms, with cruiser sterns, or semi-traditional sterns.

Some boats have wider than normal beds, so please ask for information when enquiring.
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Visitors on a canal boat
Visitors from Overseas

Can anyone, anywhere in the world, book a canal boat?


People from anywhere in the world are welcome to book our canal boat holidays.

The telephone number for overseas visitors is +44 1395 443545.


Payment is required in £'s sterling.
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Fresh water
Water on the Boat

Will there be fresh water on the boat?

Fresh water is stored in tanks on the boat, which you may have to fill up during the course of your holiday.

There are water points en route, which are clearly marked. You will be given a key which will enable you to access these water points, in order to fill the tanks.

It is recommended that you do not drink the water from the tap, but either boil it first, or buy bottled water.

The waste water from the sinks and showers is discharged into the canal, so we ask that you think of the environment when using detergents.

The waste from the toilets is stored in a holding tank and pumped out after your holiday. If it requires pumping out whilst on holiday, you can do so at a marina or pump out point.
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What will the weather be ?

Will the weather affect my holiday?

We never know what the British weather is going to do, so come prepared.

You will need to pack wet weather gear and sensible, non-slip shoes. A sun hat and sun cream is essential too, as the sun’s rays are reflected off the water.

Warm jumpers for a cool evening, and maybe walking shoes or boots if you're planning on alot of walking.

Some DVD's, maybe a pack of cards, and perhaps some board games are a good idea for keeping children entertained.
What To Bring
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What to bring on a canal boat holiday
What Do I Need To Bring on a Canal Boat Holiday?

What will I need to bring with me?

Casual, comfortable clothes, with warm waterproof outer clothes for cold mornings or wet days.

On ABC boats, the helmsman and first mate will have waterproofs provided.

Shoes with a firm grip – non slip are ideal, and boots for walking along the towpath if its muddy.

Gloves for operating the locks are handy.

Also bring sunglasses to avoid the sun glaring off the water.

Check out our what to bring article for more information:
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Can I bring my wheelchair

Are any of your boats suitable for the disabled

UK Canalboating does not have a specially adapted boat for wheelchair users and the disabled.

There are usually 3 steep steps down into the boat, which can be ladder style, and there is very little room to leave a wheelchair , even folded up. Inside the boat, the corridors would be too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair.

Companies who do have special adapted boats include:
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Wifi is available on some canal boats

Is there WiFi on the boats?

WiFi is available on some boats.

Please enquire at the time of booking.

The connection cannot be guaranteed, as the signal strength can vary in different places.
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A male swan on the Worecster & Birmingham canal

Will I see lots of wildlife?

If you're lucky you will see herons, kingfishers, ducks, etc. Also, a host of other wildlife along the canal banks, as well as sheep and cows grazing in the fields.

See our wildlife article here: