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You can do this route from :
Anderton Marina.

Anderton Marina



With the re-opening of the Anderton boat lift in Spring 2002, a whole new navigation is open for exploration from the Anderton base. A stunning feat of 19th Century engineering, the lift carries two boats at a time hydraulically, one up and one down between the Trent & Mersey canal and the River Weaver 50 feet below.

Head south to the head of the navigation and the Winsford Flash lakes, one of the many wildlife havens on the river.
Also venture to the start of the Manchester Ship canal, where the River Weaver ends.

Route Info

Route Facts & Figures

Recommended Holiday
Duration : 3 nights.

Total Cruising Days : 4.00
(Partial or full days)

Total Cruising Time : 15.00 hours

Total Distance : 39.00 miles

Number of Locks : 8

Number of Tunnels : 0

Number of Aqueducts : 0

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Read our cruising notes to help you plan your canal boat holiday

Read our cruising notes.


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Cruising Notes

Day 1

The River Weaver is a navigation that is tidal and occasionally carries commercial traffic, in small seagoing ships night & day, and the locks are quite large but are all manned by British Waterways Staff so find out about the times of opening before you start your trip.

The bridges are either very high or are big swing bridges operated by British Waterways staff.

The shortest bridge between the Anderton Boat lift and Winsford is 6 foot 4 inches high, so you should be able to duck under it, so you don't have to call the BW staff to open it.

If you arrive at the boat lift in season, you can just turn up & wait for a slot, as the glass topped trip boat goes up and down the lift all day, but you might have to wait in the high season, but it is no hardship, as it is fascinating to watch the amazing structure of the Boat lift.

The Lift connects the River Weaver with the Trent & Mersey Canal. There is a large Operations Centre housing an extensive interactive exhibition, and a shop and a cafe with a seating area offering good views out over the River. There is also a pub opposite the Boat lift- The Stanley Arms, where children are welcome & they have an outside seating and childrens play area Tel 01606-75059.

Your 1st day will be spent in getting your boat down the lift, as you may have to wait for a slot.

Day 2

Beyond the Anderton Boat lift the river is very rural , the River continues through a beautiful green narrow cutting to Frodsham, with no house or roads in sight. From Sutton Swing bridge the scenery is more industrialised and you can continue to Weston Marsh Lock where you can turn around.

You cannot continue onto the Manchester Ship Canal as this is used by large ships and you have to have the correct authority and equipment to venture onto here!
It is 2.5 hours from Acton Swing Bridge to Weston March Lock, so 5 hours there & back.

Cruise back in the other direction back towards Boat Lift, the only road crossing is by Acton were there are moorings just after Acton Swing Bridge and a water point.
The swing bridge is very impressive being 650 tonnes, but which uses just a small amount of electricity to open it.

There are 2-3 pubs near the bridge.
Moor here for the night, it is 6.75 hours cruising to here.

Day 3

Cruise past the Boat Lift and soon you will reach Northwich.
Northwich is a rather attractive town on the junction of the Rivers Weaver & Dane.
As with every town in the area, salt has been responsible for the towns prosperity and there is a salt museum in Northwich 01606 41331 which is open all year
For 200 years Northwich was prominent also for building and repairing ships and barges, because if you go northwards along the River Weaver you reach the Manchester Ship Canal.
Nowadays the wharves by Town Bridge are empty and are an excellent mooring site for visitors to the town. The town centre is very close, much of it has been completely rebuilt with an extensive shopping precinct.

There is a floating Hotel close to the Northwich marina- The Floatel, tel 01606 44443,

From the Boat lift down the River Weaver towards Winsford takes just 3 and half hours,

You can cruise down to Winsford and turn here, do not go under the Bridge into Winsford Bottom Flash, as it is very shallow. There are a few pubs near Winsford Bridge, and shops

Cruise back the way you came and go up the boat lift, it should take about 8.5 hours cruising plus the time it takes you to go up the lift back to the marina

Day 4
You should be back at the marina by 9.30am


NB: This route has been provided as a guide only. Information may become inaccurate or out of date. You should always check with the marina that the route is possible within your time frame, current weather conditions and canal stoppages etc.


The following boats operate on this route (subject to availability)

Mealy Amazon (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Striding Edge (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Sun Conure (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Black Necked Swan (Sleeps a maximum of 12 People).

Booted Eagle (Sleeps a maximum of 7 People).

Chestnut Thrush (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Dusky Thrush (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Glaucous Gull (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Great Blue Heron (Sleeps a maximum of 5 People).

Laughing Gull (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Little Owl (Sleeps a maximum of 10 People).

Reed Bunting (Sleeps a maximum of 5 People).

River Warbler (Sleeps a maximum of 8 People).

Spectacled Weaver (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Bishtons Cakewalk (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Laal Ratty (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Lady Blue Sky (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Lady of Trent (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Mellors Crazy Shake (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Real Ale (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Soo 95 (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Spirit of Debdale (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Wallis Ali Baba (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Mealy Amazon (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Striding Edge (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Sun Conure (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Savoy Hill V (Sleeps a maximum of 7 People).

Maps and Guides

Pub Guide

Pubs available on this canal route:-

  Pub Name Pub Address Distance from Anderton More Info
The Stanley Arms Old Road, Anderton CW9 6AG 0.26 Miles Full Details
The Penny Black 110 Witton Street, Northwich CW9 5AB 1.18 Miles Full Details

NB: Distances are as the crow flies and will vary for actual canal boating travel distance.


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The information above is provided in good faith to assist you with planning your canal boat holiday. Information accuracy cannot be guaranteed, however, if you do see something that needs updating, please don't hesitate to contact us.