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From its source in the hills of west Cheshire the River Weaver initially flows in a south-easterly direction towards the border with Shropshire. The river runs through the Cheshire salt-producing area and the waterway has a long history of carrying salt and chemicals. The river is navigable for 20 miles between Winsford in Cheshire and Runcorn were it links to the Manchester Ship Canal.


Built in1875 by Edwin Clarke the Anderton Boat Lift is known as the cathedral of the canals. Situated on the banks of the River Weaver in Cheshire the lift was used for over 100 years until it closed due to corrosion in 1983. After restoration the lift was reopened in 2002 and now hosts a visitor centre and boat trips.

The lift system transports narrow boats for a height of 50 feet from the Trent and Mersey Canal to the River Weaver and vice versa. Built when the salt industry was still an important part of the Cheshire way of life the lift provided a direct link between the canal and river in a bid to make both waterways more profitable.

The visitor centre is opened seven days a week, view the boat lift working up and go one one of the guided boat lift trip. Browse in the gift shop or have a cup of tea in the cafe. Take advantage of the outside areas as located in the impressive shadow of this mighty structure is the perfect place to have picnic.

A park converted from industrial wasteland the Anderton Nature Park is now a wildlife haven. There are many walks and you can follow the trail posts with information about the flowers and plants which can be found in that area. Plants such as the sea surrey and salt grass, usually only found on the coast, grow in abundance here because of the salt which is found in the soil here quite naturally creates the conditions that these plants need.

Famous for it's arboretum Marbury Country Park is the perfect setting for a family picnic.Take a walk through the magnificent woodland, were in the springtime is carpeted with bluebells. For splendid views over the water to the church at Great Budworth take a stroll beside the mere. Children will enjoy the play area, close to the picnic area, and exploring the orchards.

Winsford is a very pretty town located between the Welsh Mountains, the Apennines the Peak District. There are a number of restaurants and takeaways different types of food and a good selection of Pubs the Winsford Flashes are common features of Cheshire landscape and Winsford's are the largest and most well known and are popular for sailing, fishing, and walking.

They were caused, and formed,when the underground caverns from where the salt had been pumped out as brine,collapsed. In the 19th and 20th centuries The Flashes were a big attraction as a place to 'day-trip' and it is still a popular visitor attraction with a holiday feel about it.



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