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You can do this route from :
Gayton Marina

Route Info

Route Facts & Figures

Recommended Holiday
Duration : 7 nights.

Total Cruising Days : 8.00
(Partial or full days)

Total Cruising Time : 38.00 hours

Total Distance : 79.00 miles

Number of Locks : 62

Number of Tunnels : 2

Number of Aqueducts : 0

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Read our cruising notes.


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Cruising Notes

1st Night

Head back down the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union to Gayton Junction.(Turn right out of the marina).
At Gayton Junction turn right down the Grand Union Canal. Soon you will pass the village of Bugbrooke, and the Wharf Inn is by bridge 36, or there is a couple of village pubs if you walk into the village.

You will probably want to move on & head for the village of Weedon which is just over 2 hours from Gayton & ideal for a 1st nights stop, there is a small aqueduct over a road as you approach the village. There are takeaways, stores & pubs in Weedon , you can moor up near the Church . The Heart of England pub by bridge 24 is a good family pub. Just before you get to Weedon is the Narrowboat Inn beside bridge 26, with canalside seating and mooring.

2nd Night

A short while after leaving Weedon you will pass brockhall Park on your right, (access from bridge 18). The Hall here is Tudor in part, and in the Victorian courtyard farm buildings has been established The Heart of the Shires Shopping Village. The Shopping village has about 25 widely ranging shops, including a tearoom, so is well worth a visit.

The canal continues through open landscape until you begin the climb up to the Norton Junction through a series of 7 locks called the Buckby locks.
The New Inn is canalside at Buckby Top Lock, with canalside seating and moorings.

It is 5 hours 20 minutes from Gayton marina to here, or 3 hours from Weedon to here.

At Norton Junction you can then go down the Grand Union west towards braunston.

From Norton Junction to braunston the canal runs westward through hills and wooded country, then into a wooded cutting whichs leads to braunston Tunnel.
Off to the north on your right you will pass the small village of Welton on a hill. At bridge 6 ¾ mile from the Canal you can find a 400 yr old pub – The White Horse Inn.
braunston Tunnel was opened in 1796 & is 2042 yards long.

Long rows of moored craft flank the canal, but there is usually plenty of places to moor, as it is worth strolling into braunston as there are a fine selection of old buildings here. The british Waterways office in the Stop House, was originally the Toll office between the Oxford and the Grand Union canal. By lock 3 there is a haunted pub- the Admiral Nelson. In braunston itself there is the Wheatsheaf which also has a Chinese & Thai takeaway. The Millhouse Hotel has a canalside garden, and the Old plough in the High street dates from 1672. The village has stores & a takeaway.

It is 6 hours cruising from Weedon to braunston.

At braunston Turn turn left at the junction, the canal now passes open countryside with a backdrop of hills, there are no locks or villages and you continue on until you reach Napton Junction. You will be travelling north at this junction, but if you want a nice pub to stop at for the night, it is worth continuing left down the Oxford canal to bridge 111, as the haunted pub The bridge at Napton is by the bridge. Best access to the hilltop village is by bridge 110, the village is scattered all over the hill, but the pubs and shops are at the bottom.
It is 8 hours cruising from Weedon to Napton

3rd Night

The Oxford canal continues a very twisting path through countryside with occasional villages dotted around.
After leaving Napton, head south along the Canal, there is a useful shop by bridge 113.

The village of Priors Hardwick is east of bridge 124 by footpath, there is a smart village restaurant called the Butchers Arms here. Wormleighton is about a miles east of bridge 135, but has no pubs, and Fenny Compton is 1 mile west of bridge 136, or bridge 137 by footpath. There are 2 pubs in Fenny Compton, and a small shop.

The Bygones museum is found in the village of Claydon, just west of bridge 145, and is a fascinating museum of local relics which children love to handle. Outside there are tractors, a traction engine, and a steam roller and steam engines. There is a restaurant and gift shop on site too.

Cropredy itself is soon reached, the whole village is close to the canal, and is the home of the Annual Cropedy Folk festival in August. There are a couple of pubs in the village, and nearby was fought the Battle of Cropredy in 1644, where the Royalists defeated the Roundheads and thus protected Oxford.

It is 10.5 cruising hours from Napton to Cropredy.

You can turn around at Cropredy and slowly make your way home.


NB: This route has been provided as a guide only. Information may become inaccurate or out of date. You should always check with the marina that the route is possible within your time frame, current weather conditions and canal stoppages etc.


The following boats operate on this route (subject to availability)

1966 n all That (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Black Swan2 (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Rosemary (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Sawley Tempted (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

This England (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

American Thrush (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Audouins Gull (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Bonellis Eagle (Sleeps a maximum of 7 People).

Capped Heron (Sleeps a maximum of 5 People).

Garden Warbler (Sleeps a maximum of 8 People).

Grasshopper Warbler (Sleeps a maximum of 8 People).

Long Eared Owl (Sleeps a maximum of 10 People).

Pied Billed Grebe (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Rock Thrush (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Slavonian Grebe (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Snow Bunting (Sleeps a maximum of 5 People).

Tundra Swan (Sleeps a maximum of 12 People).

Everetts Blue 2 (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Imperial Amazon (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Mad as a Hatter (Sleeps a maximum of 4 People).

Malvolio (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Portia (Sleeps a maximum of 8 People).

Titania II (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Troutbeck Valley (Sleeps a maximum of 6 People).

Savoy Hill (Sleeps a maximum of 7 People).

Maps and Guides

Pub Guide

Pubs available on this canal route:-

  Pub Name Pub Address Distance from Gayton More Info
The Queen Victoria 10 High Street, Gayton NN7 3HD 1.32 Miles Full Details
The Narrowboat Inn Watling Street, Stowe Hill, Weedon NN7 4RZ 5.52 Miles Full Details
Heart Of England High Street, Weedon NN7 4QD 6.33 Miles Full Details
The New Inn Wantling Street, Buckby Wharf, Long Buckby NN6 7PW 9.64 Miles Full Details
The Boat House London Road, Daventry NN11 7HB 13.46 Miles Full Details
The Old Olive Bush Flecknoe CV23 8AT 13.75 Miles Full Details
The Butchers Arms Priors Hardwick CV47 7SN 15.57 Miles Full Details
The Brasenose Arms Station Road, Cropredy OX17 1PW 16.77 Miles Full Details
The Bridge Southam Road, Napton CV47 8NQ 16.96 Miles Full Details
The Folly Inn Folly Lane, Napton CV47 8NZ 16.73 Miles Full Details
The Red Lion 8 Red Lion Street, Cropredy OX17 1PB 16.64 Miles Full Details
The Wharf Wharf Road, Fenny Compton CV47 2FE 18.19 Miles Full Details
Foxton Locks Inn Bottom Lock, Gumley Road, Foxton LE16 7RA 21.29 Miles Full Details

NB: Distances are as the crow flies and will vary for actual canal boating travel distance.


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The information above is provided in good faith to assist you with planning your canal boat holiday. Information accuracy cannot be guaranteed, however, if you do see something that needs updating, please don't hesitate to contact us.